Saturday, 6 October 2007

Delighting the Senses and a Thank You

Firstly, I would like to say how thrilled I am to have received my very first blogging award from Wanda of Snapdragon antiques. She has a wonderful blog which is well worth a visit! The award is called The Power of Schmooze, great name don't you think? Thank you Wanda for this and I will ponder on the next recipients and pass it on shortly. I feel like I have finally arrived now - love,love,love the blogging community!!!!!

Now on to the title of this post. It occurred to me today that we all like to surround ourselves with things that appeal to all of the senses. I love to use perfumed candles and among my favourites are the Yankee candle tartlets. The fragrance lasts for ages and they are so inexpensive too.
Another of my favourite things are all of the little trinkets that accumulate over the years. How best to display them is always a tricky problem. Tiny things can get lost in the larger decorating picture so one easy solution is to capture them under glass. This is a lovely old sifter and I keep this on my dressing table.
Little glass dishes are all the prettier for having things displayed in them, this is scented bath confetti.
Sweet little pigs still in the original box. My son bought these for me many years ago.
Vintage Lustres.
Lovely incense sticks as a change from candles. The colourful boxes are an added bonus.
This is a lovely old nightdress case and it is hand painted. The flowers are so detailed - gorgeous.
Some bathroom pretties for long, fragrant soaks in the tub.
A few flowery bits and pieces. These felt flower corsages became very fashionable again recently, but I have had this one for years.
Vintage Silk flowers. Can never have too many of these.
A lovely old enamel bowl and some prettily packaged dolly pegs. Some indoor sparklers and multi coloured candles. I used some of the sparklers last year on my husband's birthday cake. They look really dramatic.
I hope you have enjoyed this wander through some of my most favourite things. The bedroom smells lovely at the moment, the boxes of incense sticks are lying on the bed. Mmmm...delicious.
Have a great week-end whatever you are doing.
Take care,
Sandi x