Friday, 12 October 2007

October Days ~

Today has been one of those grey and dreary, lowering to the spirits sort of days. The air was very still and try as I might nothing helped to cheer me up. So I got out one of my magic wands, waved it around and knew what to do. Of course, take some photo's of pretty things. This fun wand reminds me of a magical evening a few months ago when Zoe and I, together with two more friends went to the theatre to see "Swan Lake on Ice". I bought the wand as a souvenir and it always makes me smile, it flashes with movement but one evening, rather spookily, it started flashing when no one was near it!!!

This is another of my wands, a very pretty hand crafted one with a citrine point. Dusted with glitter, naturally!
This is an amethyst and crystal gem tree sitting on a chunk of amethyst. I bought this yesterday during my lunch break from a local antiques centre.
I thought these looked nice together.
Lids from three nesting boxes which I had for my birthday.
I haven't decided what to store in these yet.
A pin dish and thimbles set with diamantes.
A nice old compact.
A collection of turquoise pretties.
Vintage French glass grapes, these are really heavy.
A sweet dragonfly pin.
Daffodilly trinket dish.
Ah, that's better. I feel much more cheerful now and I had a new book delivered from Amazon this morning too.....look forward to drooling over that tonight.
Have a great week-end, no matter what the weather throws at you.
Bye for now,
Sandi x