Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Rainbow Dreams and Reflections

Yesterday I was feeling slightly under the weather, didn't feel up to doing very much at all, so I sat a while on the sofa, thoughts idly wandering, drifting, daydreaming. You get the picture I'm sure. I looked up and saw a rainbow....... or to be more precise a reflection from the crystals in my window. Of course I have seen this pretty sight many times before but today I thought I would try and capture it on my camera.

Magical isn't it......
Just a simple reflection of sunlight through crystal produces this.
And here are the magic crystals. Of course I couldn't stop there now could I?
More lovely crystals hanging from a candlestick.
And glistening on a shelf of the dresser.
Glittering from the edges of a silk flower.
And the letter S that I decorated a few weeks ago.
More subtle glints from the gilding on a favourite lid in my cabinet.
Dancing on a group of shells.
Reflections off a vintage preserve dish.
Glitter on a pine cone.
A gorgeous gold cup and saucer.
A delicate golden egg.
A sparkling citrine cave.
A pot with a glittery dragonfly. How could I continue to feel under the weather after this? I didn't realise how much I surrounded myself with sparkling things. At this time of year I am prone to melancholy, I suffer from SAD so I need things to brighten my day. I hope that these things that I have shared with you cheer you up too. I love Autumn but it is a mixed blessing for me. Shorter days, longer nights and Christmas still quite a while away yet. There is Halloween to look forward to, something I greatly enjoyed celebrating when my children were small. We had some lovely, spooky celebrations and I cherish those memories.
Until the next time I wish you a magical good-night.
Sandi x