Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Corners of my home

I do not hold with the theory that "Less is More". In my opinion "Less" is boring.
Just to prove my point I thought I would share a few corners of my home with you.
The stack of books are just a little bedtime reading. Love my books and magazines.

Can never have too many storage boxes or girly trinkets.

My bedside lamp. I like to think this look is ever so slightly boho and seriously over the top. I just love it, after all it isn't every lamp that gets to wear jewellery and a tiara. It sparkles beautifully when lit up. The gorgeous pale blue crystal beneath the lamp is Celestite and was a gift from my lovely daughter. You can also just see one of my fairies peeking out from behind the perfume bottle. The clock is really pretty, the flowers in the centre are embroidered. The lamp base was from a charity shop and it had only just been put on the shelf when I snapped it up. Just my taste.

The crystals hanging down from the shade cast lovely reflections onto the wall.

I have quite a few crystals, the large one is an antique lustre and is quite heavy. I think these look stunning hanging from candelabras too.

They are like jewellery for the house. When the sun shines on them they create rainbows around the room. Magical!