Sunday, 22 July 2007

Shabby pink mini projects

Just thought I would show you a couple of quick projects that I have completed in the last few days. The linen bag was really simple to do, just a brief session with the sewing machine, it took no time at all. The dusky pink decoration is a vintage brooch which can be removed if the bag needs laundering. The little set of drawers were dark brown wood and showed up every speck of dust. So I gave it a makeover much more to my taste. I love the shabby effect now. Thought I would display a few of my crystals on it. The sweet little fairy hovering in front of the mirror was a birthday pressie from my husband. He chose it himself without any input from me. I was really impressed especially when it came in a pretty flowery gift box complete with bow!

Still washing the stuff I bought from the auction. Have almost finished a crochet bedcover too. Maybe it hasn't been such an unproductive break from "work" after all.