Monday, 16 July 2007

Dreamcatcher and other frivolities

I thought I would do a very self indulgent post today. The sun is shining for once and I have just taken delivery of a brand new cooker. But hey, guess what? The supplier is not able to connect it up 'cause it's gas and they aren't a registered installer. My husband rang around and the soonest we can get it fitted is Wednesday, so I am one frustrated cook. To cheer myself up I picked up the camera and went walkabout through my bedroom. Took lots of photo's of pretty, frivolous things that I enjoy looking at.

Through the looking glass. Don't you just think that mirrors are magical?
This little collection has kind of settled on top of the wardrobe and I think it looks nice. The cardboard candle was made by one of my young nieces and I really treasure it.A pretty cushion, I love anything embroidered. It doesn't have to be old.
A hand painted silk scarf I won on ebay for a pittance. It came in the original box, hence it's a bit creased.
My shabby chic dressing table stool, a sparkly piece of Indian fabric and two sweet vintage purses. I bought the gold mesh one last week on a trip to Shrewsbury.
More stuff accumulated on the dressing table, really must sort it out but I quite like the way things look when they haven't been "arranged". O.K. that's my feeble excuse for chaos. I suppose I could call it the bohemian look, sounds better than er... undusted.
Flowery work bag. I snapped this up a couple of weeks ago from a charity shop.
Some cute shoes. Purely to look at.
A shelf full of boxes- mostly pink now I come to study it.
Not forgetting a photo of my lovely doggie, can't leave him out!
I hope you have enjoyed this little collection of bits and pieces. Come back soon for another visit.