Friday, 20 July 2007

Rainy day blues and auction surprises

I haven't done a post for a few days now for a number of reasons. I have been questioning my reasons for starting this blog and have paused for a while to mull it over. I must confess that I am probably the only person in the entire world who had heard of "blogging" but never really knew much more than that they are online diaries. I stumbled upon my first blog in March this year purely by chance and I was just blown away by the sheer diversity and gorgeousness of so many of them. I set up my own blog account only so that I could leave a comment on a blog that I was really taken with. Interior magazines suddenly seemed stale and unoriginal compared to the real homes featured on blogs. I pondered a while before starting my own. I am by my own admission a self contained, rather private person but felt that blogging about my life online was somehow anonymous yet intimate. Oh dear, I am going on rather aren't I. Anyway, this past few days I have been wondering why I am so concerned about whether anyone out there is actually reading my blog. I do get some lovely comments and it is very nice to know that some people get pleasure from my posts but I do confess to getting easily disillusioned with anything that I undertake. I doubt my abilities constantly, compare myself unfavourably with others and generally care much too much about what others think of me. Now I have had a few days away from my blog I feel much better and raring to go again. I started this for me, I get a kick out of seeing my photo's and for a real technophobe I feel a huge sense of achievement.So this little Miffy is sent from this temporarily "miffed" blogger to anyone who reads this. On a more upbeat note, this item below is my next project and one of the reasons I have been a bit down. You know the scenario I'm sure. You buy a pine dresser to house all of your lovely china and a few years down the line that orangy pine starts to look really awful, so very 70's. So, I had great plans to give this a revamp. Took everything off it,
a marathon task in itself and intended to start painting it. But yesterday we had an almighty storm, thunder, lightning and a power cut thrown in and it hasn't stopped raining since. I wanted to paint outdoors as I really hate the smell of paint but my plans have been delayed. Gnashing of teeth. So back to work looms for me with not as much done as I would have liked. I did however go to an auction on Wednesday evening and came back with a lot more than I bargained for. I needed a few of those little tea plates so bid on a box which contained an assortment of things including lots of pretty floral tea plates. When my husband paid for them and went to collect them there was also in the lot three more boxes of stuff. I am now steadily washing a whole stash of pretty tea cups, saucers, plates, dishes and goodness knows what else. I will post some photo's when it is all lovely and clean. I think I know which newly painted dresser they will go on. Question is, what to do with the stuff that I have just taken off the dresser? My husband thinks we should get another dresser.
Incidentally, the little Miffy rabbit was among the stuff in one of the boxes. She still has the original label attatched to her. Ahhhh!!Enough now of my rambling, I feel I have said much too much, but hey, this is my blog, I'm doing this for me. Must keep reminding myself of that. And if it does give the odd visitor some pleasure then I am glad.
More than glad, I am thrilled when I get kind comments. Until the next time then, sorry if I have bored you rigid, but I will be back to posting some pretty pictures. Have a great week-end. xxx

P.S. This was taken last Christmas so is a little unseasonal, but if QVC can have Christmas in July, why not me?