Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Caterpillar and other things

This little fella is the only sort of caterpillar you really want to see amidst your prize plants. He has been peeping out of this spot for a long time now and is beginning to look a little weather worn. I still love him to bits though. He is the opium smoking character from Alice in Wonderland and my dad carved him for me many years ago.

The eagle is another of my dads creations. A talented man methinks.

I had to capture this little collection purely because I love the texture of the old fence in the background. It needs replacing as it's rotting away but I love the flaky paint colour. Strange person that I am. Also love old aluminium watering cans even if they are quite heavy to carry around. Much more pleasing to the eye than plastic ones.
The pine cone and shell mobile hang off a very old rose tree that grows underneath the kitchen window. The birds just love to visit and we get really close-up glimpses of them.
This little collection was hidden in the undergrowth. Just some bits and pieces that appeal to me. The ducks were a pressie from my mum.
This plant is actually growing through the hole in the bottom of an upturned plant pot. Love how nature always finds a way!
The chicken is one of those things that protects your eyes from being poked out by stick supports. It sits among the raspberry canes and currant bushes. I think we need a scarecrow too. I've just noticed that the birds have enjoyed our currants already. Greedy things. We have red, white and blackcurrrants. Very tasty if you beat the birds to them. Lol. We don't use bamboo in our garden, just twigs cut from a hazel tree. They will even start growing too if they are reasonably fresh.
The colour of these leaves is just delicious. It is a heuchera called creme brulee. Well that's all from the garden for now. We have had so much rain here recently that I had to grab the opportunity to capture these pictures. Hope that you like them as much as I do. I promise I won't be peering into the undergrowth again for a while!