Friday, 13 July 2007

Eight Random Facts

I have been tagged for the first time by Sophie from Sophie Honeysuckle's English Decor to give eight random facts about myself. The cards shown below link to one of the facts.

This card is special, it is from my son for my 50th Birthday. I have a lot of poppy images. I adore them as they are a memorium for my sweet collie dog Poppy who I lost when she was only 5 years old. A fragile and short-lived beauty.
One of my favourite 3D cards. From my mum & dad for my 40th Birthday.
A hand-made card from my aunt for my 50th Birthday. Even more special when something is so personal.
One of my favourite authors, I am reading this at the moment for the umpteenth time.

Here goes with the facts.

1. I have always loved to read. Started off with Enid Blyton, Mills & Boon in my early teens (cringe), Agatha Christie (love anything of hers). I just love Winter Solstice by Rosamund Pilcher, The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, all of the Miss Read country stories and too many more to mention. The walls could come tumbling down around my ears but if I have my nose stuck in a good book, I wouldn't even notice.

2. I absolutely HATE egg white. Ever since I was a child I have never been able to eat the stuff. It makes me heave. Love egg yolk, can eat scrambled egg because it's mixed in, but a BOILED EGG yuuuuk.

3. I guess I have always been a hoarder. I have in my loft a huge box of greetings cards from the 1st 25 years of my life. Come to think of it they go back even further because I also have the congrats on the birth etc.. which were sent to my mum and dad when moi arrived. The 2nd 25 years worth are stored in a huge, bulging folder and I have stacks of them in drawers under our bed. Er... does that make me a bit strange or what? I just can't bear to throw them out, and of course I have the ones belonging to my husband and children too. Oh dear.....

4. I drink tea by the pot, and am never satisfied until I have had every last drop. I'm ruthless when it comes to tea. Pity the person who tries to beat me to the last cup left. I don't like sugar in tea but I have to have it in coffee, otherwise I just can't drink it.

5. If I am going to eat a snack it is more likely to be something savoury rather than sweet. I do like nice choccies though but only occasionally.

6. I HATE clothes shopping. What is it about changing room mirrors that make me look huuuuge? I always come home with a complex and a depression so keep my clothes buying trips to a minimum. I do like clothes, especially vintage stuff but always stick to black for work.

7. I really, really don't like sport. I have been married for 30 years to a football crazy man who watches Match of the Day religiously and I still don't understand the rules. I just couldn't care less. Yawn.

8. A few years ago I had an operation on my right foot to have the big toe straightened and was meant to have the left one done to match.. Wasn't allowed to have them both done together for practical reasons. I was so traumatized by the whole experience I never had the second op. I foolishly chose to have local anasthetic so that I could return home on the same day but hearing all that was going on in that theatre just freaked me out. So now I have odd feet! Might pluck up the courage one day to get it done.

Right, that's about it for me. Hope I don't come across as weird, after all we all have our little quirks. I haven't been blogging for long enough to be able to find more people to tag that haven't been already, so excuse me for that. Now then, I think I'll go and put the kettle on and make a lovely pot of tea.
Bye for now.
Sandi x