Friday, 6 July 2007

Creativity in the kitchen

I have two weeks off from work starting today and there is so much I want to do. As the weather is quite showery I thought a little creativity in the kitchen was in order. I love using fresh herbs from the garden. We have several rosemary bushes, one of which is huge, lots of parsley, some lovely bronze fennel and a potted bay tree. I added all of these to a chicken before roasting. The taste is just glorious. I always use Maldon Salt in all my cooking, the flavour is lovely and mild and it is really soft and crumbly. I store it in a salt pig by the cooker. I love collecting and using old kitchen utensils. I have had this flour bin and scoop for years.

I have made a cheese and smoked ham quiche which we all really enjoy in our family. Yum. The food cover was one of those plain net ones that you can still buy and I embroidered the flowers on it years ago. I remember sitting in the back garden one beautiful summers afternoon sewing those flowers. I love how old things bring back memories. Ah, I've come over all nostalgic and earth motherish now.

Just to add a touch of glam to this post I thought I would show you this
which I made a while ago. The base is one of those rustic twiggy things which came free with a magazine. I added a few pretty bits and pieces and it lives on my dressing table at the moment. Anyway, I'm off now to chill out for a while and maybe do a little more creating. Bye for now.