Thursday, 12 July 2007

Lavender and Lace

Don't you just love the smell of lavender? I remember when I was in Primary school an enterprising friend and myself made lots of very simple lavender bags from scraps of fabric sewn together with very bad stitches. We sold them for pennies and shared the profit. In our haste to keep up with demand the bags were getting smaller and smaller until one girl complained that she wasn't getting her monies worth! I'm smiling now just remembering those days.

Since then my skills have improved but I still enjoy making these simple little pretties. The smell is so fresh and once it has worn off you simply replace with more flowers. Some of these were made years ago and others last week.
They look really nice piled into a dish and my taste does rather run to Barbie pink glass. I shall put this on the dresser in my living room.

I have been tagged by Sophie - see the link to her delightful blog to the right. I shall go and think of eight random facts about myself and post them next time. Bye for now.