Monday, 9 July 2007

Garden Whimsy

Garden Whimsy.
A few more views
from my garden.
It's not all fruit and veggies.
The fairies need somewhere to play!

Love my garden. The bottle was a gift from my dad. The rusty lantern has been around for ever. Love big old pine cones. All of the stones are either painted gold or have a layer of fairy dust on them....naturally.
Love roses and ferns - all lush and cool and mysterious. Love my old lilac trees. Adore my pixie damson tree - judging by the fruit we are going to have a bumper crop this year. Love all of my toadstools, dazzling pink fuchsias, the lacy effect of chewed leaves; garden chimes, my enchanted garden sign. Love the contrast between sunshine and shade, the sculptural quality of those artichokes, the pale green of the baby lettuce that my son planted. Love the fact that my husband takes care of it all but above all I love everything that Mother Nature bestows on us.

Hope that you have enjoyed this little tour around my garden. It isn't perfect by a long way, it is a constant battle and I must confess I prefer to allow nature to win. I love the slightly overgrown feel to it all and eventually will add a little pool to encourage the frogs, so good for the organic garden. We do have a resident frog that appears every now and then and very welcome he is too. Would love to see a hedgehog like we did at our previous house. One evening we heard rustling in the undergrowth and suddenly a mother and her baby appeared. They move surprisingly fast and very soon vanished but I will always cherish the sight of Mrs Tiggywinkle and junior. Bye for now, until next time.